customization en custom made art

GINVI Art Gallery features bespoke contemporary and modern art

Our versatile art collection consists mainly of unique sculptures and wall decorations such as photographs and paintings. All unique, customised and personally created for you.

unieke moderne kunst

Unique and modern art for your wall

You are looking for art that fits perfectly into your home and interior. You want to buy a painting, photograph or other art created especially for you, of which no other copy can be found. At GINVI Art Gallery, we have a creative team that includes a designer, an artist and a graffiti artist.

With this team, we listen to what you say and hear what you don't. With personal attention and interest, the artists at our art gallery will go to work to create for you a unique and customised design and artwork that completely suits your needs.

my little friend

A cool, quirky and unique GINVI art sculpture

We are proud of our My Little Friend (MLF) designs. MLF are unique art statues made of polyester, are 40 cm high and are therefore the perfect modern art for your home. In our collection, you will find different images in the colours and style of, for example, Feyenoord and Sparta, but also of cities such as Barcelona or Ibiza.

Are you looking for unique, custom-made art? Together we can create your personal MLF image in the colours and style of your company, beloved city, favourite football club or country. All our images can be created with, for example, graffiti or gold leaf.

verschillende stijlen en materialen
GINVI'S capabilities

Different styles and materials

Still not sure what you are looking for? Don't worry. At GINVI Art Gallery, you can choose from many styles and different materials so that the art fits exactly in your home and on your wall. For example, we specialise in:

  • Plexiglass art including plexiglass paintings and plexiglass photographs
  • Epoxy art or resin art
  • Aluminium art
  • Gold leaf art including gold leaf paintings
  • Graffiti and street art


Our art collection continues to renew and expand regularly. Are you curious about the latest artworks we have added to our versatile collection? Take a look and discover all the new additions to our extensive collection.

Our collection

Our art gallery is proud of our constantly innovative, contemporary and modern artworks by talented and emerging artists. Our art gallery has a diverse and extensive collection of art consisting of many different materials and styles. Take a look and discover our diverse collection.


Koro Delfts Blauw

Enrich your interior with a masterpiece that honors Dutch tradition in a unique way. Our work of art, made from recycled pieces of Delft Blue porcelain and ceramics, pays tribute to the history of our country. This composition, created out of love for reuse, embraces the broken pieces and gives them new life. The result is an enchanting work of art that defies time and places the beauty of Dutch tradition in a new light.

ZTAHL Illuminators

For our customer, ZTAHL Illuminators, we designed and created a beautiful design wallpaper for the new showroom at 'De Woon Industrie' in Nieuwegein. Just as the ZTAHL collections are created and designed in-house, we created this piececustom.  Based on the ZTAHL story for the enormously long wall of more than 9 meters wide. Fully covered with this unique one-piece design vinyl wallpaper, completely seamless and with a beautiful and warm result!

ULTIMO11 voor GjaltProducties met de OFFSPRING stoel bij OBJECT Rotterdam

Onze vaste graffiti artiest Staat als ULTIMO11 voor GjaltProducties met de OFFSPRING stoel bij OBJECT Rotterdam! In de eerste week van februari presenteert GjaltProducties op designbeurs OBJECT Rotterdam in samenwerking met Bazoeka Jo de OFFSPRING stoel, een nakomeling van de New York Metrobank: de bank, uitgevoerd in zijn kleinste eenheid, een eenzitter. Een kleurige jubileumuitgave om te vieren dat de lange houten wachtbanken nu al zo’n halve eeuw op de perrons staan van de subway in New York. 

Geïnspireerd op de subway metrobanken in New York maakte Timothy van Diesen, (Ultimo11), dit prachtige kunststuk. Voor de onderlaag koos hij voor een old school graffiti techniek. Daaroverheen een spannend en uitdagend spel van zijn kleur studies in zijn bekende kleurblokken. Uiteindelijk maakte hij delen van de basis laag met zijn graffiti weer zichtbaar door de geblokte bovenlaag bij te schuren. Een intrigerend concept en resultaat.

Het oorspronkelijke ontwerp is van ambachtsman Robert Lezzi. Hij kreeg begin jaren zeventig van de vorige eeuw opdracht van de New York Port Authority om een duurzame bank te maken voor wachtende reizigers in het openbaar vervoer rond de Hudsonrivier. Sindsdien zijn deze lange massief houten banken beeldbepalend in de ondergrondse van New York. 

Padel City Delft!

Padel City is een zeer bijzondere locatie in Delft met 4 indoor en 3 outdoor padelbanen. Sinds afgelopen dinsdag, is deze geweldige padellocatie een 1,5 meter hoge My Little Friend rijker! Deze unieke My Little Friend van GINVI is door graffiti artiest Van Dyson voorzien van unieke Graffiti Art en door mij, Frank, persoonlijk gebracht. 

Op de foto: My Little Friend, padelrackets van Padel City’s Partner; Adidas. 

Ben jij er klaar voor om te gaan padellen? Als je er wel van hebt gehoord, maar nog nooit hebt geprobeerd, wordt het nu hoog tijd! Padel is ontzettend leuk en iedereen kan meedoen!
Kabeldistrict Delft 
Schieweg 15, Delft

MAISON & OBJET Paris | 18 – 22 January ’24

It's almost that time again, MAISON & OBJET 2024, 18-22 JAN. 2024! This edition, GINVI will have a beautiful new collection on the PMP Furniture stand, Stand: Forever A53 & B52.

The new collection is tailored to this season's theme; TECH EDEN, a theme where nature will be very present, not necessarily in the literal sense but for us in the form of art. We have designed a beautiful collection based on shells and corals that we show in gold leaf and epoxy wall panels which can be seen for the first time during the M&O fair in Paris!

In 2024 it will be time again to create the future and celebrate Maison&Objet's 30th anniversary!

Art For Lake Seven, Zevenhuizen

One of our large My Little Friends of 1.5 meters high stands on a matte black pedestal at Lake Seven Sports in Zevenhuizen as a real eye-catcher! This MLF features the unique Graffiti Art of our graffiti artist 'Van Dyson'.

I myself play Padel at Lake Seven more than three times a week. Besides being a sporting activity, it is also a very social event. You play padel with two or four people per court and after the game you can move on to the third half in the club building or on the surrounding terraces.

Lake Seven is also an attractive events location. In the middle of a beautiful nature reserve and a beautiful interior where a number of our unique epoxy works of art such as the 'TreeVeins' and a beautiful wall panel made of various epoxy strips that together form a colorful image of Rotterdam.

Ginvi x LakeSeven, a beautiful combination!



Looking for art for the wall?

Thinking about buying or commissioning a painting, sculpture or other work of art? Contact us and we will be happy to think with you for a unique piece in your home.